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7 questions about activated nuts

Today, I would like to explain to you what activated nuts are and what the term "activating" means. What does it have to do with our activated 2DiE4 nuts being so incomparably delicious?

Question 1: What does activating mean?
Question 2: What do nuts and seeds have in common?
Question 3: What valuable nutrients can be found in nuts?
Question 4: What does phytic acid do in nuts?
Question 5: What happens during sprouting in nuts?
Question 6: What makes activated nuts so digestible and healthy?
Question 7: What should be considered when activating nuts?


Wie man Bio Nüsse aktiviert!

Aktivierte Nüsse in der Produktion

Question 1: What does activating mean?

When it comes to food, many people in Germany (still) do not know what the term "activating" means. However, activating is a process that people have been using for many hundreds of years. The indigenous population of South America used it to make food more durable, tasty, and easier to digest. Simply put, nuts or seeds are soaked in water during the activating process, which starts the germination process. The wet nuts are then dried.

However, the practice is not quite so simple. Therefore, at 2DiE4, we have perfected this ancient activation method for many years (since 2004, to be exact) and accumulated a vast treasure trove of knowledge to produce our amazing 2DiE4 nuts for you. In the following sections, I will explain to you in more detail what activating means.

Question 2: What is the purpose of nuts and seeds?

Many plants reproduce through seeds or fruits that contain seeds. Nuts are nothing more than plant seeds, just like tomato seeds, peas, or poppy seeds. From Mother Nature's point of view, the sole purpose of each plant seed is to grow into a new plant and thus ensure the continuation of the species. By the way, the fact that many seeds also taste delicious and are super healthy is the basis of life for many animals and humans.

Question 3: What valuable/healthy nutrients can be found in nuts?

Nuts are, like all other seeds, so to speak, the "babies" of mother plants. To give them the best start and grow into healthy plants, they are equipped with the most valuable nutrients. They contain vitamins (especially vitamin E and several B vitamins), minerals (especially magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus), essential fatty acids (e.g. omega-3 and 6 fatty acids), and a lot of energy in the form of carbohydrates and fiber. These gifts from Mother Nature want to be protected until they are really needed!

Question 4: What does phytic acid do in nuts?

In nuts (and by the way, also in legumes and grains), phytic acid is a special feature. It forms insoluble "complexes" with various minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron in the nut. This means it binds these valuable ingredients and encloses them. This prevents these substances from being lost. They are stored by phytic acid until the nut needs them. And that is precisely the case at the moment of germination. Therefore, humans can only absorb minerals and nutrients to a limited extent before activating them.

Question 5: What happens during sprouting in nuts?

If a nut finds good conditions for sprouting, such as moisture, warmth, and light, a complex biochemical process takes place inside it in a short amount of time. This leads, among other things, to the breakdown of phytic acid and the release of important nutrients and minerals. These valuable ingredients are now available. The nut is now ready to grow and form its first root....

Question 6: What makes activated nuts so digestible and healthy?

It is now easy to understand why activated nuts are so special. Many valuable ingredients are freely available. Phytic acid and other substances, such as bitter compounds that previously served as insect repellents, are broken down. Activated nuts are tastier and more digestible than their raw counterparts. The nut has become a seedling and is bursting with vitality.

Question 7: What is important when activating nuts?

What conditions do nuts need for activation?

We at 2DiE4 take advantage of this fascinating transformation from seed to activated nut during germination. We soak the highest quality raw organic nuts for a certain amount of time at a certain temperature in water that we previously mixed with some sea salt. The moisture and the right temperature stimulate the nuts to start the germination process. They activate all the valuable nutrients inside them and release them.

What is the perfect timing for activation?

If the nuts were left in the water, they would soon start to develop their first roots. However, at 2DiE4, we interrupt the germination process at the right moment by taking our nuts out of the water after a precisely determined time. They are now activated nuts and are bursting with vitality. They hold the best minerals and nutrients for us humans inside them. However, in this wet state, they are also extremely sensitive and susceptible to spoilage.

How are activated nuts dried?

Therefore, we let them dry slowly and gently over a period of up to 30 1.5-day hours. The activated ingredients continue to unfold in the initial phase of drying until the process ends with the nut being completely dried. This way, we preserve the activated ingredients and ensure that the best is still present in our nuts even after drying. The process of activation and subsequent gentle drying gives us extremely delicious, super crunchy, digestible, and valuable nuts. We are always excited about them!

Let us know if our nuts excite you as much as they do us! 

activated 2DiE4 nuts so incomparably good