FAQ - Everything you want to know about activated 2DiE4 nuts

Where does the name 2DiE4 - The Original come from? 

We have roots in Australia, where our old friend Clive Lawler perfected fermenting nuts in 2004 and defined the term "activation."
He named his nut company 2DiE4 because some of his friends, upon tasting his new nut creations, said in amazement, "Wowhhh, these nuts are "to die for!
We too were very excited about Clive's activated nuts.
He introduced us to his recipes and inspired us to activate our own nuts in Europe, also under the name: 2DiE4.
Since then, we have continued to develop and refine the recipes. Today we are located with 2DiE4 Live Foods GmbH in Königsdorf, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

Is activating nuts and seeds a process that has been newly discovered?

No, it isn't. Soaking in saltwater and then drying has been known for hundreds of years. Indigenous peoples in South America already knew the advantages and used them to their advantage. The time-consuming process then fell into oblivion due to the efficiency thinking of industrialisation.

How does the activation process work?

The raw quality nuts are soaked in the sea salt solution for several hours. This starts the germination process of the nut.They are then drained and placed on hoards in our dehydrators, where they are dried at a maximum air temperature of 65 degrees and between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the nut. They are then packed airtight.

How long does the activation process take?

Two to three days, depending on the nut.

Why should raw nuts be activated?

All raw nuts and seeds contain natural toxins and anti-nutrients.
Seeds have only one purpose in their existence: to grow into trees.
They protect their own fragile life and germination potential with naturally occurring chemicals. These antinutrients, such as phytins and other enzyme inhibitors, taste bitter on purpose to protect them against consumption by bacteria, insects or humans.
The toxins and anti-nutrients in all seeds not only cause indigestibility in humans, but also bond with the minerals and vitamins and rob the eater of most of the essential nutrients; which are abundant in nuts.
When nuts are soaked, they swell and sprout.
At that moment, the nut drops all chemical defense mechanisms so it can fulfill its life purpose - to grow.

What other benefits does the activation process bring? 

Certain proteins cause allergic reactions (such as gluten in wheat) because they are difficult to digest in their raw state. The 2DiE4 activation process supports the conversion, or decoding, of nutrients through its inherent enzyme activity. All nuts are rich in plant proteins, minerals and vitamins. Activated they are even more valuable for vegans, vegetarians and all other conscious people.
Sally Fallon, for example, writes in her books ("Nourishing Traditions") that for optimal health, all nuts should be pre-soaked and pre-digested in some way. 

Why don't you roast your nuts? 

Roasting makes nuts very crunchy and gives them delicious roast flavors, but heat destroys the life in the nut that has been carefully triggered before.
We dry the nuts gently, at an air temperature of less than 65° degrees. That way enzymes, proteins and nutrients are not destroyed.
The fermentation process is only temporarily stopped by correct drying, and the digestion process then continues as the nuts mix with saliva when chewed in the mouth.

The origin of 2DiE4 raw materials?

We use only the best nuts in 100% raw food quality, always organically grown and as regional as possible.
Hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds from Bavaria. Walnuts from Bulgaria. Pistachios and almonds from Spain. Brazil nuts are from the Bolivian jungle, pecans from the Cape region in South Africa and cashews from the islands Bali and Flores in Indonesia.
For the spring water sea salt solution, we use a Croatian or Celtic Sea salt, depending on the nut.
The water flows directly from our own spring located on our farm.

What about storage and shelf life? 

Each package of 2DiE4 Live Foods has a best before date of 12 months from production.
The fermentation of any food not only gives it a higher nutritional value and removes toxicity, but also gives it a much longer shelf life, as the elements that can go rancid or spoil have been positively transformed.
2DiE4 activated nuts should be kept airtight, between 12 and 21°C and protected from sunlight.

Added value! 

People who have not yet tried 2DiE4 activated nuts may be inclined to compare them to conventional nuts because they look visually similar. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Price may also be a barrier at first. But once you become aware of the significant health benefits and the time-consuming process of making the final product, you begin to understand the true value of activated nuts.
And once you have tasted the nuts, you will never want to miss the 2DiE4 taste and crunch again!   


When a Japanese scientist discovered the existence of a "fifth taste," he named it Umami.
It means "deliciousness" or simply "yummy."
Because of its protein content, certain foods can acquire this umami flavor through slow and time-consuming cooking or fermentation.
At 2DiE4, we have perfected our activation process so that our nuts have this special flavor.

We appreciate your interest in our activated organic nuts!