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The 2DiE4 process to activate nuts.

You finally want to know how we at 2DiE4 produce our inimitably good
nuts? Would you like to take a look behind the scenes? Then hop right in and learn more about the 2DiE4 activation process!

1) Activate nuts, explained in a nutshell.

A nut's purpose in life is to germinate and grow into a tree
. For this effort, it needs a lot of energy and plenty
of minerals and vitamins. To ensure that this supply is not lost until the moment of germination
- e.g. by being washed out or eaten - the nut protects itself. It contains tannins, bitter substances and phytic acid. The latter binds many important minerals to itself and locks them in.
Thus, the ingredients important for human nutrition are
abundant in the nut, but just not readily available. We cannot utilize the
full potential of raw nuts.
Activation involves soaking the nuts in a salt water solution. The
moisture mimics the start of the germination process, and the salt acts like a
catalyst, accelerating the process. As a result, the nut drops all its
protective mechanisms. At the end of the activation process including
the gentle drying, the valuable ingredients are freely available, the
nut is more digestible, tastier and wonderfully crunchy.

2) Why are only raw nuts suitable for activation?

First of all: only what is alive can grow!

To be more precise: a nut is a tree in compressed form, i.e. a
plant living being. Like most plants, nuts are sensitive to external influences such as heat, pressure or centrifugal forces. If the nut is exposed to such
influences at some point during harvesting, shelling or packaging, its germination potential is lost. It is then still edible, of course, but it can no longer be activated.

Our nut farmers

That is why we at 2DiE4 pay meticulous attention to how our nuts
are handled before they reach us. We only buy from small
cultivation initiatives or individual producers with whom we have a lively exchange
. All our nuts are cracked particularly gently, so that they are not exposed to critical temperatures at
any time. And believe me: the
is really something special! Many nuts that you usually get in the trade
are subjected to an extremely "stressful" process during cracking
and e.g. by friction so warm that their germ potential dies.

Our nuts, on the other hand, are really raw when they come to us and thus let
themselves be activated in the best possible way.

3) The 2DiE4 activation process.

Germination in nature...

When a nut falls to the ground outside in nature, it usually
does not germinate immediately. It first waits for good conditions, such as warmth,
sufficient moisture or sunlight. If the conditions are good, the nut presses the start button for germination, so to speak.

...and with 2DiE4

At 2DiE4, we provide our nuts with the perfect conditions for germination.
We have perfected these through years of research and trial and error.
We know exactly which nut needs how much water, which temperature and which salt in which quantity to be activated.

Which type of nut is activated and how?

For all our nuts, we use only the farm's own untreated
spring water for soaking. But already with the salt there are differences: for some varieties we use Breton sea salt, for others Croatian. Some of our nuts need a lot of salt in the water, while others like it very mild. The duration of soaking also varies greatly: small, fine nuts such as pistachios need much less time in the water than, for example, the large, heavy Brazil nuts. In addition, we pay attention to the size of our nuts in each batch: sometimes we get very large walnut halves, other times rather smaller ones. This depends on the conditions during growth. Depending on the conditions, we also vary the soaking time to get the absolute best out of our nuts.

Drying! Do not roast!

The gentle drying of our nuts is particularly important to us. It is an
essential part of the activation process and in no way comparable
with roasting.
Roasted nuts may have a great aroma and also be nice and crunchy
, but the high temperatures during roasting destroy many
valuable ingredients. Above all, the healthy unsaturated
fatty acids are converted into unhealthy saturated fatty acids and proteins are destroyed.
Our nuts, on the other hand, are carefully spread out on hoards
after soaking so that they are not too dense during drying. The nuts are then slowly dried in drying ovens specially developed and manufactured for us

Depending on the variety, it can take up to 1.5 days until the nuts are well dried and have a perfect crunch and have reached their special "sweetness" in taste.

4) Is that all?

No, that's not all!

Because what we take out of the oven after this time-consuming production process is not just nuts. Every time it's a bit like lifting a treasure, holding something very precious in your hands.

These are the activated 2DiE4 nuts with the incredible crunch, the
wonderful aroma and the full load of freely available, valuable
ingredients. They are digestible, easy to digest and unmatched in
taste. They are made with a lot of passion and heart, with
a great treasure of know-how and sensitivity for the nut. And they are
indispensable for all those who want to do something good for themselves and who consciously pay attention to their
diet. For everyone who appreciates living, super-healthy food.

For everyone who wants to know where the food they eat comes from
and for whom it is important to know that their food has been mindfully produced
. So: exactly for you! Because otherwise you would not have read this far!
Let yourself be inspired by our 2DiE4 nuts and visit our store!