2DiE4: Die Süddeutsche Zeitung ist begeistert von “Aktivierten Knabbereien” Banner

The Süddeutsche Zeitung is enthusiastic about "Activated Nibbles

2DiE4 in Mooseurach - a magical place to activate nuts

In the middle of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, on a moraine hill of the last ice age, lies the former model estate Boschhof. This is where the makers of 2DiE4 activate their inimitably good nuts. They use the farm's own untreated spring water for this purpose. Heating is provided by wood chips from the surrounding forests. The special energy of this place is immediately noticeable.

The 2DiE4 process for activating

Activating nuts is actually a very simple and ancient process, similar to fermenting food. At 2DiE4, only carefully selected raw bionuts from small growing cooperatives and individual producers are processed. Soaking in the farm's own spring water, which has been mixed with special sea salt, followed by gentle drying, produces the incomparably good, digestible 2DiE4 nuts with their wonderful aroma and special crunch.

The people behind 2DiE4

Agni Thalgott and Filip Good are the managing directors of 2DiE4 and a well-coordinated team. The two are united by their enthusiasm for high-quality, healthy food in general and pure nuts in particular. Agni Thalgott brings the in-depth know-how around nuts that she developed over years with her now deceased husband and mutual friends. Filip Good brings all his marketing experience to the table. In this way, the two intend to grow their company organically and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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