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Myths around Nuts, Part 1

The world is rife with information, often hosting persistent rumors that leave many questions unanswered. This also holds true for the topic of nuts.
Let's dispel these misconceptions!
At regular intervals, we'll address questions here and provide you with clarity.
Because nuts in general, and activated nuts in particular, are among the best gifts nature has bestowed upon us. Today, we're delving into the subject of calories.
Do nuts contribute to weight gain? How many calories do they contain? How many nuts should you eat? Are they genuinely healthy? And first and foremost: 

Are Activated Nuts Superior to Raw or Roasted Nuts? 

The answer is a resounding yes. During activation, specific compounds in the nut are broken down, which in raw nuts bind essential minerals.
(if you'd like to learn more: link to article "2DiE4 Activation Process)

An activated nut provides you with multiple times the available minerals. Simultaneously, activation occurs at such gentle temperatures that valuable vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins are retained. This stands as an advantage over roasted nuts. And incidentally, activated nuts are simply unbeatable delicious.
They're milder, more digestible, and wonderfully crunchy.

Are Nuts Calorie Bombs?

It's undeniable that nuts contain a high number of calories. On average, it's about 550 to 700 kcal per 100g. However, you should by no means avoid nuts solely due to their high calorie content. Let me show you why:
• Activated nuts contain almost exclusively valuable, unsaturated fatty acids, healthy plant-based proteins, and an abundance of minerals and vitamins. Every calorie is worth its weight in gold.
• Moreover, scientists have discovered that the human body excretes a portion of the calories from nuts unused, as nuts in the digestive tract aren't completely broken down. Thus, nuts actually contain fewer calories than indicated in tables.
• Furthermore, activated nuts boast a high nutrient density. Meaning, you need to enjoy only a small amount to feel satiated, and you'll remain full for a longer time.
• Cashews and almonds have the lowest calorie content. Pistachios, walnuts, and hazelnuts fall in the middle range, while pecans top the list with a proud 705 kcal per 100g.

Do Nuts Lead to Weight Gain? 

The answer to this question is a clear: "It depends." If your only nut consumption consists of handfuls of roasted and salted peanuts in front of the TV in the evening, it might indeed contribute to extra inches on your waistline. However, knowing a few things can actually make nuts your weight loss allies! https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/eating-nuts-a-strategy-for-weight-control

Take a look:

• When you eat activated nuts, you replace unhealthy fats from other foods with super-healthy essential fatty acids. These help you stay healthy in the long run by protecting your cardiovascular system and potentially positively influencing cholesterol levels.
• The substantial amount of high-quality plant-based proteins in activated nuts is an excellent energy source for your muscle cells and is much less likely to be converted into body fat compared to carbohydrates.
• Calcium promotes fat burning in the body. The more calcium present in the body's fat cells, the better the fat can be processed and burned! And where can you get highly absorbable calcium? Right! From activated nuts!
• Always opt for high-quality nuts when purchasing, preferably organic.
• Generally, remember: the dose makes the poison. Consumed in excessive amounts, even the healthiest food can become unhealthy. The German Nutrition Society recommends a handful of nuts per day (about 30g).

We know: a handful of activated nuts per day is the best gift you can give yourself and your body. If you're undecided about which of our activated nuts to try, why not give our legendary Nut Mix a shot?