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Our top seller - the legendary Tamari almonds

Tama – WHAT??? Some may be wondering if they've never heard of Tamari before. We believe that should change immediately! Because every day you spend without our Tamari Almonds is definitely one too many. And to paraphrase Loriot (a famous Bavarian comedian): Life without Tamari Almonds is possible, but pointless.

You'll see why right away!

What Is Tamari?

When I joined 2DiE4, I didn't really know what the term "Tamari" meant. So, let me explain it briefly here. Tamari was discovered in China millennia ago, initially as a byproduct in the production of the savory Miso paste. From China, Tamari made its way to Japan, where it evolved over many centuries. Today, Tamari sauce is associated with Japanese cuisine. It's a fermented, almost black soybean sauce that doesn't contain wheat. That's why it's even gluten-free!

Other soy sauces, like various Shoyu sauces, were developed later and include roasted wheat, making them milder and lighter than Tamari. In the Asian region, only the wheat-containing sauces are considered soy sauces. Tamari is associated with Miso paste. The flavor of Tamari sauce is described as "umami," which means "savory, hearty, meaty." And from my experience, it's also downright addictive and delicious 😊 (and I'm not the only one who thinks so!).

How Is Tamari Made?

A few words about the production of Tamari: traditionally, the fermentation process that yields Miso and Tamari is highly complex and more of an art than just a recipe. Every detail matters, and even the smallest changes can impact the final taste. In simplified terms, soybeans are combined with steamed rice and a specific type of mold. This mold initiates the fermentation process. Water and salt are added, and this mixture is then fermented in ancient cedarwood barrels for 18 months to 4 years, with the cedarwood's aromas playing a significant role in the distinctive taste.

Unfortunately, in modern times, this process, like so many others, has been shortened and simplified to produce large quantities in a short time. It's logical that a stainless-steel barrel can't impart any flavors, and when the fermentation time is reduced to 3 months or eliminated entirely, it can leave a connoisseur disappointed.

What Are Activated 2DiE4 Tamari Almonds?

But we wouldn't be at 2DiE4 if we didn't pay attention to every tiny detail and prioritize the highest quality in the making of our Tamari Almonds. The development of our Tamari Almonds took many years, and at the time, Agni and her husband embarked on a quest to find the best traditionally made soy sauces. It's worth noting that only 0.1% of Tamari producers in Japan still use cedarwood barrels. Both the type of sauce used and the amount and timing of its addition to the almonds were repeatedly adjusted until the result met Agni and Alexander's expectations.

Today, the production of our 2DiE4 Tamari Almonds is absolutely perfected. We use a particularly high-quality, traditionally made, organically aged Tamari sauce in cedarwood barrels.

Our high-quality and flavorful activated 2DiE4 organic almonds from Spain provide the perfect stage for the wonderful Tamari sauce. These almonds are mixed with the sauce in a labor of love, ultimately offering you an unparalleled delight.

What Are the Benefits of Activated Tamari Almonds?

In addition to this taste experience, you also enjoy all the benefits of activated almonds with our Tamari Almonds: a particularly high content of readily available minerals, plenty of healthy unsaturated fats, plant-based proteins, fiber, and numerous vitamins. If you'd like to learn more about activated almonds, please take a look here: Blog article "Everything You Need to Know About Activated Almonds."

For me, 2DiE4 Tamari Almonds are the absolute highlight of our range. They're so good that when you first try them, your taste buds almost explode. And I love the facial expressions of people I give these nuts to for the first time to taste. That look of disbelief, those wide-open eyes filled with enthusiasm, and that contented "Mmmmm, incredible...." are just priceless. That's why I love my job!

So, if YOU haven't been tempted to try our Tamari Almonds by now, then I don't know.... It's possible, but sadly, quite pointless 😉)