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Who is this Julia?

Today, I am excited to finally reveal a secret that many have been curious about: who is the person behind the name "Julia" that writes all the blog articles and newsletters for 2DiE4 Live Foods? Is she a real person or just a marketing ploy with a pretty name?

Well, I am here to assure you that I am a real person with a passion for healthy living. Before my involvement with 2DiE4 Live Foods, I studied pharmacy and worked for many years in public pharmacies, as well as teaching at a vocational school for PTA. However, with the birth of my children, I became more interested in organic nutrition, sustainability, ecology, and self-sufficiency.

My passion for these topics led me to work at a local farm store in our village for several years, which only increased my enthusiasm for healthy living. When my dear friend Agni Thalgott offered me a position at 2DiE4 Live Foods, it felt like a logical step to leave my pharmacy job and join her team.

Since April 2022, I have been managing the production of 2DiE4 Live Foods. I have grown to love our "babies," the nuts, and am thrilled every time I take freshly activated nuts out of the oven. I am involved in every step of the activation process, ensuring that everything runs optimally, so that you can have the best activated 2DiE4 nuts when they arrive at your door.

Recently, I have expanded my work to include writing weekly blog articles about activated nuts. I research extensively, incorporate my knowledge of healthy eating, and write with great enthusiasm, all with the goal of sharing my passion and helping others become more conscious of their bodies, nutrition, and our planet.

In the spirit of this mission, I encourage you to try our activated 2DiE4 nuts and start your journey towards a more conscious way of living.

Warm regards from Mooseurach, Julia

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