Endlich – ökologisch und menschlich fair hergestellte Cashews!

Finally - ecologically and humanely fairly produced cashews!

Our dream of activated 2DiE4 cashew kernels has come true: Article Cashews Part 1.
You already know why activated cashews are so much better than roasted ones, and you've learned how healthy cashew kernels are.
Today, I want to show you why you can confidently purchase our 2DiE4 cashews from both ecological and humane perspectives.

Can You Buy Cashews with a Clear Conscience?

One of the central questions we asked ourselves from the beginning was: how can we offer ecologically sensible cashews??? We love cashew kernels, AND we're aware that the cultivation, harvesting, and processing, in most cases, represent an ecological and, most importantly, a human disaster. That's why we did some research first.

How Do Cashews Grow, Anyway?

Cashews are primarily grown today in Southeast Asia and Africa in plantations, with the usual colossal problems of monocultures.
The cashew tree bears the so-called cashew apples as its fruits. A single (!) cashew kernel is attached as a small kidney-shaped appendage to each of these cashew apples, with this kernel being the actual fruit. This is why cashews are not classified as nuts but rather as kernels. The cashew apple is just the thickened stem of the kernel. This red or orange-coloured stem is edible and is processed locally because it's not storable or transportable. Learn more on Wikipedia!

How Are Cashews Peeled?

The kernels are encased in a hard shell containing a toxic, corrosive, and highly allergenic oil. The process of peeling and processing the kernels is a very elaborate one, involving multiple steps, demanding a lot of manual labour, and often involving the use of hot steam. In many East Asian cashew factories, workers have to peel and process the kernels without gloves and protective clothing, leading to severe hand burns and numerous metabolic disorders. Frequently, the oil even erases the fingerprints of the people, which is an additional catastrophe for many illiterate individuals. Their fingerprint is often their only means of "identification" or conducting business.

How Sustainable Are Cashews?

The facts are crystal clear: Stay away from cashew kernels from conventional cultivation!
More than half of the world's cashew production takes place in Africa. The majority of it is peeled and processed in India or even Vietnam (!) before it lands on the shelves of supermarkets in Europe. From an ecological perspective, it's nonsensical, as the supply routes crisscross the planet.

Which Cashews Can You Buy???

So, it was our top priority to find cashews that are not only produced under ecologically sensible and humane conditions but are also truly raw, enabling activation. This process doesn't work if the kernels have been heated during peeling or processing, for example, through the steam method.
And we wouldn't be the pros at 2DiE4 if we hadn't found a solution!
We now source our cashews from Atlantisfood.

2DiE4 Activates Atlantisfood's Cashews!

At Atlantisfood, we've found the perfect cashew kernels for us. Atlantisfood sources its products exclusively from fair projects in direct collaboration with local families in Indonesia. All products come from certified organic cultivation or even ecological wild collection. To obtain raw food quality products, all foods are gently processed, with no additives.
Here the link to Atlantisfood
Our cashew trees grow wild in Bali or Flores, Indonesia. The kernels are cracked right there on the day of harvest while the majority of the flesh is returned to the soil as fertilizer. During cracking, heat and steam are avoided to maintain cashews in raw food quality. We rely on the skill and experience of the local families in this traditional handcraft, which has been peeling kernels in this way for centuries without harming themselves. Each kernel is checked by hand for shell residue. Then, they are immediately airtight packaged.
They arrive so freshly packed to us in Mooseurach, where we make the world's best activated cashews out of them.

So, for you to convince yourself of the unrivalled quality of our cashews, take a look at this video:

And now, nothing stands in the way of your cashew happiness! So, hop on over to our online shop and stock up on cashews. Because... they're sooo delicious; they won't last long at your home 🙃😉