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I'm packing my bags....

I'm sure we can all think of lots of things we want to pack in our suitcase when we go on holiday. We think of swimming gear, hiking boots, sleeping bag and wash bag. Our identity card, mobile phone and driving licence come to mind. And of course lots of useful things like a charging cable, first-aid kit or holiday reading.

Food on the road

But let's be honest... what about food while travelling? What do we eat while travelling by car, plane, bike or train...? Who - apart from us at 2DiE4 - goes to the trouble of packing healthy, varied, fortifying and nourishing food?

Maybe you know this: at home you pay attention to healthy eating, maybe you only buy organic food, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water, cut down on sweets and make sure you eat regular meals.

Then comes the long-awaited holiday and - poof - the good habits are left at home like a forgotten sweater. But you KNOW that the only things you're likely to find to eat and drink at train stations, motorway service areas, snack bars and airports around the world are the things you'd otherwise skip: Fast food, energy drinks, sweets, greasy croissants and bad coffee.

And that’s how you’re supposed to keep you fit on your trip??? With such things in your stomach, how are you are supposed to arrive on holiday healthy, full of energy and in good spirits? How could you feel good and invigorated?

Honestly, we both know that's rubbish.

So I’ve got something MUCH better for you: activated nuts - your perfect travel companions!

Advantages of activated nuts

Activated nuts offer you many benefits at any time and on any occasion. But they're especially good for you when you're travelling. Check this out:

Activated nuts are wholesome

The activation process (link to blog article "What are activated nuts ") makes our 2DiE4 nuts particularly easy to digest and tasty - nothing feels heavy in the stomach! It's a holiday for your tummy! AND: it tastes simply heavenly!

Activated nuts have a high nutrient density.

Means: lots of energy and nutrients in little mass. Very practical: you don't have to carry much for a wonderful feeling of satiety and nourishment. Small bag - big effect!

Activated nuts contain especially many minerals

During activation, our 2DiE4 nuts release lots of minerals that our body can absorb and use optimally. (By the way, these minerals are also present in raw nuts, but they are bound in the nut in such a way that they are less usable for our body). So don’t worry if you get sweaty on your travels: your activated nuts will easily replenish your mineral levels.

Activated nuts are durable

Activation makes our 2DiE4 nuts have a longer shelf life and being less sensitive than raw nuts. So you don't need a cooler for this kind of food. Put the 2DiE4 nuts in your handbag and go! Just make sure you don't leave your 2DiE4 nuts in a hot car: they shouldn't be cooked.

Activated nuts are your perfect travel companion

As you can see, you won't find better provisions for your journey. If you supplement your activated nuts with some fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of mineral water, you will arrive fit and invigorated and be able to enjoy your holiday from day one.

Get your activated nuts!

And now: shoo, shoo! Quickly place your order in our online shop so that your nuts will be with you in time before you go on your journey!

By the way: when we from 2DiE4 go on holiday with our families or friends, you will usually find more food than other equipment in the boots of our cars. You can buy a pair of forgotten swimming goggles in Croatia and wash your dirty clothes in Greece. But the world's best activated nuts are best taken from home!