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What are activated nuts?

Activate nuts - explained in a nutshell

In one sentence: long soaked - slow dried, for the perfect 2DiE4 nuts.

When we activate our nuts at 2DiE4 Live Foods, we bring them to life, so to speak, by starting the germination process. To do this, we soak the nuts in a perfectly balanced spring water-sea salt mixture and then gently dry them at low and perfectly adjusted temperatures for a long period of time. This breaks down tannic acid, bitter substances and anti-nutrients and releases lots of minerals. Our body can now absorb and utilise these minerals and trace elements really well. At the same time, activated 2DiE4 nuts are easier to digest, super crunchy and inimitably good tasting.

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At 2DiE4, we are the absolute pros when it comes to activating nuts. We have been optimising our activation process for almost 20 years now and have done a lot of research on it. That's why we and our 2DiE4 nuts are the original.

If you want to know more: here we share our knowledge with you, so that you too can benefit from activated nuts.

Why activate nuts? - Explained in detail

You'll learn what activating means, why "soaking" is not the same as activating, and why it's super healthy to enjoy activated nuts instead of raw. Let's go!

The questions:

What are the advantages of activated nuts?
How do nuts germinate?
What does phytic acid do in nuts?
What are the disadvantages of phytic acid?
Activate nuts - how does it work?
Why dry soaked nuts?

What are the advantages of activated nuts?

Right off the bat, the benefits of our activated 2DiE4 nuts are unbeatable. Look:

  • less anti-nutrients like phytic acid etc.
  • more minerals and trace elements
  • better digestible, easier to digest
  • delicious crunch
  • the inimitable 2DiE4 taste!
  • and organic - of course

You want to know how it comes about? I'll show you.

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How do nuts germinate?

The task of any nut is to germinate and become a tree. To do this, it must be well equipped (after all, it's a monster task!). It therefore contains lots of important ingredients such as fats, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

However, it can happen that the nut falls from the tree and does not immediately find optimal conditions for germination. It may lie around on the ground for a while. Therefore, their "provisions" must be well protected. Otherwise, a downpour comes and gone are all the important minerals.

What does phytic acid do in nuts?

Many nuts (and also cereals and legumes) therefore contain phytic acid. It serves as a mineral storage and binds e.g. phosphate (a kind of fertilizer for the nut) and many other minerals (e.g. iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium) to itself. By storing them, phytic acid enables the nut to access the minerals only when it really needs them. Namely, at the moment of germination.

What are the disadvantages of phytic acid?

Disadvantage for you and me: when you eat a raw nut, you also eat a lot of phytic acid. This is not bad per se, phytic acid also has positive sides. BUT: it keeps all the valuable minerals bound to your intestine and - poof - all the healthy stuff you actually ate the nut for ends up in the toilet. Too bad, isn't it?

The solution is: Activate nuts!

Activate nuts - how does it work?

When we activate our nuts, we bring them to life, so to speak. They become "active": from "lie around and wait" mode, they switch to "germinate" mode. With water, a little salt as a catalyst, and the right temperature, we offer them optimal conditions for germination.

Enzymes now automatically start working in the nuts and begin to break down the phytic acid. (Incidentally, other antinutrients are also broken down, which have served the nut, for example, as protection against feeding). These degradation processes release a lot of minerals. Because the nut means that it should now start to grow.

Of course, we do not let our nuts grow into trees! We interrupt the soaking after precisely defined times. Now, of course, you could eat the soaked nuts. They already taste much milder than before.

BUT: for us at 2DiE4 now comes the almost most important part of the activation: namely the drying.

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Why dry soaked nuts?

Drying is an essential part of the activation process. As we gently dry at low and perfectly engineered temperatures for long periods of time, the enzymes continue to work. Even more bitter substances, tannic acids and anti-nutrients are broken down and become more easily digestible! Even more valuable minerals are released! Our nuts become wonderfully crunchy and taste inimitably good!

You see: soaking alone is not enough! Activation also includes our special drying process. Without this, the nut is only half activated. And who wants half things?

And now it's your turn. Convince yourself of our 2DiE4 nuts! You only have disadvantages if you don't.

Love from Mooseurach and #liveactivated!


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