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Tips around our activated 2DiE4 nuts

You are already a fan of our activated 2DiE4 nuts or want to become one? You sometimes wonder why it has to be activated nuts and not "normal" ones? And you want to know what you can do with our activated nuts to get the most out of them? Then take a look right now - in a few lines you will know more!

Activated nuts are simply the better nuts

At 2DiE4, we're on fire for high-quality, mindfully produced organic foods and especially, of course, nuts. Our heart's desire is to get you excited about activated nuts and to show you that an activated nut is simply in a completely different league than a raw or even a roasted nut.

The unbeatable advantages of activated nuts

In the course of our special 2DiE4 activation process, we carefully germinate our hand-picked, raw organic nuts in a finely tuned water and sea salt mixture and then gently dry them. The phytic acid, which is abundant in raw nuts, binds many minerals and therefore makes them useless for our body, is broken down during the activation process. So when you hold our nuts in your hands, they give you a maximum of available minerals and nutrients. They are easier to digest, taste irresistibly good and have a wonderful crunch. Since we do not expose our nuts to high temperatures at any time, all valuable ingredients are preserved. This is the huge difference to roasted nuts.

Activated nuts are one of the best things you can give yourself and your body.

The difference between raw and activated nuts

Of course you can eat raw nuts. Most people do. But once you have tasted activated nuts, you will hardly want to go back to raw ones. Surely you know this feeling that raw nuts can be quite heavy in your stomach... And surely you know this slightly bitter taste that they often leave behind... You will not experience this with activated nuts. And besides, you already know that activated nuts are way ahead in terms of availability of minerals and nutrients. You may not taste it, but your body will notice it. And your body will thank you for it.

How to use activated nuts

To keep it that way, it's best to enjoy our activated nuts pure and never heated! Take them with you when you go hiking, skiing or cycling. Enjoy your activated nuts when you want to achieve high mental performance, when you study, learn, go to school. Always have a bag of nuts with you when you want to escape the hypoglycemic hole. Put them in your kids' lunchbox. And reach for activated 2DiE4 nuts when you're in the process of kicking bad habits like eating chips in front of the TV.

Our activated walnuts can be a great help here:

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Your activated nuts happiness

You will soon notice how good activated nuts do you. How wonderfully they nourish, support and gift you and your body. You won't want to imagine your life without them - and you'll be just as excited as we are.

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