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Activated 2DiE4 Pistachios – Small Wonders in Green!

Most people probably know pistachios only in their roasted and salted form. Few have likely heard of activated pistachios.
We at 2DiE4 are experts in nut activation, and activated pistachios are among our absolute favorites! Many of our customers share this sentiment: pistachios are our bestsellers!
And for good reason – they were considered a royal fruit in their ancient homeland, Persia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistachio)!
By the way, pistachios are not technically nuts; they're classified as stone fruits! Dive right in and let us convince you!

Are Activated Pistachios Healthy?

Pistachios offer numerous health benefits, containing valuable unsaturated fatty acids, abundant minerals and vitamins, and a hefty 18% protein, among other things.
The benefits of activated pistachios are even greater, as the activation process releases and makes many minerals available for the body to utilize (link to blog article "What Are Activated Nuts?").

Do Activated Pistachios Support Heart Health?

The high content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids in pistachios can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases. The low temperatures during activation and subsequent gentle drying preserve these healthy fats.
In contrast, roasting pistachios leads to a significant loss of these fats, which are often converted into unhealthy saturated fats.

Can Activated Pistachios Aid in Weight Loss?

Despite pistachios having a high fat content, approximately 52%, they can still contribute to weight loss. A study by the University of California, Los Angeles, demonstrated this.
Link: Study by the University of California

The fats in pistachios are predominantly healthy fatty acids. Additionally, pistachios contain a high amount of dietary fiber, beneficial for gut health.

Do Activated Pistachios Strengthen Bones?

In addition to the bone-supporting mineral calcium, pistachios contain an optimally balanced level of phosphorus. Together, these elements form the foundation for healthy and robust bones and teeth. The activation process breaks down phytic acid in the nut, which in its raw state binds many minerals. As a result, the nut releases these minerals, allowing your body to make optimal use of them.

Do Pistachios Provide Iron?

With approximately 7mg of iron per 100g, pistachios contain more iron than certain types of meat. This makes them especially appealing to vegetarians, vegans, and young women, as they can support blood formation. Combining your activated pistachios with vitamin C-rich fruits can even enhance your body's iron absorption.

Pistachios Nourish the Nerves

Anything that calms is true comfort food for the nerves. And pistachios are loaded with it! On one hand, they provide ample magnesium, which relaxes muscles and nerves. On the other hand, they're rich in B vitamins, essential for maintaining and building our nerve cells. They also contain the amino acid tryptophan, a crucial building block for serotonin, the "happiness hormone," and involved in the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

2DiE4's Pistachios are Undoubtedly Healthy

You may often hear that pistachios are at risk of being contaminated with the mould toxin aflatoxin (link to blog article "The Dark Side of Nuts"). The situation has improved in recent years, as the controls on imports from third countries to Europe have become much stricter.
At 2DiE4, we source our pistachios from Spain, where they are tested for mould toxins before even reaching us. Naturally, we only purchase impeccable goods. To be absolutely certain, we have all new batches of every nut variety tested for aflatoxins in the lab upon arrival and store our nuts in our refrigerated warehouses both before and after activation.
After all, we want you to have only the best of the best nuts in your hands when you buy activated nuts from the 2DiE4 Online Shop.